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The internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, and the way we live our lives. It also opens up a wealth of new avenues to crime, and as such, the law has had to change to keep up. As technology has evolved, computer crimes have become a serious concern with law enforcement. If you are charged with a computer crime, you need legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer with experience in modern law.

Our Riverside computer crime defense lawyers have years of practice defending clients in Riverside and surrounding counties against such computer crime charges as:

Our law firm conducts its own thorough investigation of each case we take, gathering evidence and consulting with technology and forensics experts to help build your case. Computer viruses and spyware can be responsible for damaging files you never knew your computer contained. Likewise, an error in an accounting program can look like fraud through no fault of your own. A good criminal defense attorney knows this, and can use these defenses to fight on your behalf.

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The internet offers a perceived shield of anonymity—it is easy to move freely between identities, leaving little trace of your actions. That said, evidence does remain in hard drives and servers indefinitely, and when courts are able to find and prosecute an offender, especially where solicitation or abuse of a child is concerned, the courts are not likely to show leniency. If you are faced with computer crime charges, clear your name by fighting back. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside computer crimes defense lawyer today.