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According to the law, domestic violence is the assault and battery of a spouse, domestic partner, fiancée, boyfriend or girlfriend, child, parent, or any member of your household. Domestic violence can take the form of verbal, physical, or sexual assault. Although it is a serious crime with serious penalties, false accusations of domestic abuse arise all the time as the result of a misunderstanding, self-defense, or a bitter custody battle.

Domestic violence is a serious charge, contact our Riverside Criminal Attorney today

Unfortunately, because the risk of further abuse is so high with true offenders, the state can often decide to prosecute even if your accuser wants to drop charges. If you are being charged with domestic violence, it is important that you find a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will fight hard to protect your rights.

Our Riverside domestic violence defense attorneys are here to help, representing men and women in Riverside and surrounding counties who have been charged with such crimes as:

At our law firm, we take these charges very seriously and will work aggressively in your defense. We investigate each case, no matter how complex, compiling evidence and building a case to counter and question the prosecution at every turn. Whether it means minimizing your charges, negotiating a plan for probation and counseling over jail time, or having your trial acquitted outright, we fight hard to ensure the best outcome possible for your situation.

Domestic violence is a serious allegation, and a skilled criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between living your life and living behind bars. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, don’t wait—contact us for a free consultation with a Riverside domestic violence criminal defense lawyer today.