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In the world of business, your reputation is everything. An embezzlement charge can change everything, turning your company and the public against you and calling your character into question. If you stand accused of embezzlement, you need quality legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer with experience in white collar crime.

In times like this, our Riverside embezzlement defense lawyers are here for you. Our firm represents clients in Riverside and surrounding counties, offering superior defense against embezzlement and related fraud and white collar crimes charges.

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Many people accused of embezzlement are well-educated professionals, and have never been entangled in the law before. They may not know their rights, or how best to effectively communicate with police and investigators. A good criminal defense lawyer can walk you through this process with grace and discretion. We will investigate your case thoroughly, gathering evidence to compile a case and explaining your best options. Whether we are working to lessen charges, taking your case to trial, or negotiating a favorable plea bargain with the court, we are devoted to the pursuit of your best interests.

When you are accused of embezzlement or other white collar crimes, the work of an expert criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a conviction or getting back to your career and your life. You’ve worked hard to get this far, don’t take chances now. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Riverside embezzlement defense attorney today.