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Riverside Juvenile Crime Lawyer

A criminal conviction can be devastating for anyone, but for a young person it can be that much worse. A conviction can negatively affect your child’s ability to obtain a driver’s license, get into a good college, and reach his or her full potential. If your child is facing criminal charges, a good juvenile defense lawyer can make a huge difference in protecting your child’s future.

Our Riverside juvenile defense lawyers represent children and teenagers charged with such crimes as:

The trial process and punishment for juvenile crimes varies greatly. Most youths under the age of 18 will be tried in Juvenile Court, a civil system with detention centers that focus more on education and rehabilitation. For some serious crimes, however, prosecutors may push for your child to be tried as an adult—and adult trials come with adult consequences. The number of juvenile offenders tried as adults rises every year.

Our Criminal Attorney Will Seek the Best Outcome Possible

The number one priority of a good juvenile defense lawyer is to ensure that your child is not tried as an adult. Our lawyers will do everything possible to have your child’s charges dismissed altogether, building a strong case to challenge the prosecution. We can also work with the court to minimize charges, negotiate a favorable plea bargain for probation or community service over time in a juvenile correctional facility, and petition to have your child’s criminal record sealed or expunged when he or she turns 18.

All children and teenagers take risks and make mistakes, but some youthful mistakes can change a child’s future forever. Don’t let this happen to your child. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside juvenile defense attorney today.