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Riverside Murder Attorney

Of all criminal allegations, murder is perhaps the most serious. The punishment handed down for many murder convictions is life in prison—sometimes with parole, sometimes not—and in extreme cases, since California still recognizes capital punishment, death row and execution are very real possibilities. If you are currently facing a murder charge, finding a skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you is absolutely vital.

At our law firm, our Riverside murder defense lawyers defend clients in Riverside and surrounding counties against any and all homicide charges, including:

Our Riverside Criminal Attorney Will Identify Weaknesses in the Evidence

Homicides are, by their very nature, violent crimes. Because of this, the penalties are harsh and the court and prosecutors will not be lenient with the accused. However, a good homicide defense lawyer knows that not every homicide is a calculated crime. Killing someone in self-defense, to protect your family, while under mental duress, or in order to stop another crime in action, is not a crime and—if proven to be the case—can be grounds for acquittal or dropped charges. Similarly, a good criminal defense lawyer knows how to spot and attack damaging holes in the prosecution’s case, such as unreliable eyewitnesses or mistakes made by police while gathering evidence.

Murder and all homicide charges are extremely serious, and must be dealt as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your conviction to start fighting back. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside murder defense attorney today.