Riverside Criminal Attorney

Riverside Parole Violations Lawyer

If you are out of jail or prison on parole, or were able to avoid doing time altogether through probation, it can be easy to think of yourself as free and in the clear. Unfortunately, violating one of your parole obligations can lead to even stiffer penalties than before and more time behind bars.

If you skipped a drug test, a meeting with your parole or probation officer, or your community service assignment, you will most likely end up before the court for a parole revocation hearing. A violation doesn’t automatically translate to a jail sentence, though—with a skillful criminal defense lawyer by your side, you have a chance to defend your case.

The Riverside parole violation defense attorneys with our law firm have years of experience in battling parole and probation revocations. We can help you build a strong defense, investigating your case to gather evidence and witnesses that can better explain your circumstances or contest your charges. We can also work with the court to negotiate an alternative plan, such as extended probation or drug treatment, that will keep you safe and on the outside where you belong.

You worked hard to get out or stay out of prison the first time. Don’t let it go to waste because of a parole or probation violation. If you are facing parole revocation in Riverside or surrounding counties, contact us to schedule a consultation with a Riverside parole violation defense lawyer today.