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Robbery is the act of illegally taking something from another person through the use of threat or force. In California, robbery is a felony offense and counts as a strike under the state’s Three Strikes law. If you have been charged with robbery, it is very important to seek legal representation from a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our Riverside robbery defense lawyers have extensive experience with theft cases including robbery, and will fight aggressively to protect your rights and freedom. We research every case, compiling evidence and working with expert witnesses to build a solid case on your behalf. Whether we take your case to trial, or negotiate a favorable plea bargain or reduced charges with the court, our criminal defense lawyers work hard to secure you the best outcome possible.

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The punishment for robbery can vary greatly, depending on the circumstances of the crime. Robbing someone in their home, at an ATM, in a taxi, or during a carjacking constitutes first-degree robbery; a robbery anywhere else is considered second-degree robbery. A basic robbery can warrant up to five years in prison—but if you were armed with a weapon, or if your victim was injured in the course of the robbery, the sentencing could become significantly more severe.

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Even long after sentencing, the effects of a felony conviction can stay with you for life. As a felon in the eyes of the law, you could lose the right to vote, own a firearm, or drive a commercial vehicle. A felony on your record can also make it difficult to find work and build a future for yourself. If you are faced with a robbery charge, don’t wait for the conviction—start defending yourself now. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Riverside robbery criminal defense attorney today.