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Sex crimes are taken more seriously than nearly any crime in the United States. Sex offenders tend to be ostracized from their families and society at large. Being falsely accused of a sex crime is one of the worst things that could happen to a person, but it happens more often than most people would like to think. If you have been accused of a sex crime, it is vitally important to seek the legal representation of a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our Riverside sex crimes defense lawyers defend clients in Riverside and surrounding counties against sexual assault charges such as:

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Our law firm believes that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. We investigate each case we take on thoroughly, examining all the evidence and consulting with forensics experts to build a solid case. Whether it’s fighting aggressively in the courtroom or negotiating a favorable plea bargain or reduced charges behind the scenes, your criminal defense attorney will work hard to make sure your best interests are met at every turn.

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A sex crimes conviction can be devastating—sentencing can be severe, even for minor and non-violent offenses, and many offenders end up on a national Sex Offender Registry for the rest of their lives. A conviction can destroy relationships and ruin lives. Don’t let this happen to you—contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Riverside sex crimes defense attorney today.