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Here in California, traffic rules a large part of our lives. The network of freeways running through and around Riverside County helps us navigate our city and connects us to bigger metropolitan areas like San Diego and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the amount of time we spend on the roads can catch up to us in the form of traffic violations. If you are charged with a traffic violation, you need the representation of a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights.

Our Riverside traffic violation defense lawyers defend clients against all types of traffic-related offenses, including:

A traffic violation may seem minor at the moment, but over time the repercussions can add up. Even speeding tickets can lead to higher insurance rates and points that can add up to impounding and a suspended license. A more serious offense like a DUI can land you in jail and cost you your job and many of your rights. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers will investigate the circumstances of your arrest, uncovering evidence and building a case to challenge the prosecution. If your traffic stop was unwarranted, or your field sobriety test is sufficiently called into question, you could have grounds for a dismissal.

Our Riverside Criminal Lawyer can review your traffic violation

No traffic violation is too small to fight. If you are facing a traffic violation charge, take control and prove your innocence. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Riverside traffic defense attorney today.